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County Treasurer
Parcel Data
- Comprehensive Data Tracking
- Parcel search with filtering capabilities
- Parcel Email Address Inquiry
Tax Bills
- Various Format options
- Ability to Email
- Export data for third-party printer
Certificate of Error
- Complete Processing and Tracking Collections - Single and multi parcel payment entries
- Prepayments and partial payments
- Imports & Exports for payment processors
- Collection & Deposit Detail & Summary reports
- Print and Export for General Ledger
- Special Collections:
Subsequents, Forfeiture Recovery, In-Lieu-Of, Bank Interest
- Special Collections Detail and Summary reports
Disbursements - Allocation & Disbursement Availability Report
- Selective Allocation & Disbursements to Districts
- Print Checks, check register, EFT stubs
- Create bank transmission file
- Print and export for General Ledger
- Disbursement Check History
- District/Levy Disbursement Details
- Various detail and summary reports
Refunds - Refunds Pending Report
- Auto-generate refund checks (with override)
- Various check format options (with MICR option)
Delinquency - Friendly Reminders
- Statement of Tax Balance
- Certified Delinquent Letters
      - Enter or Scan Tracking #’s
      - Print USPS Firm Book
      - Tracker# Inquiry (Integrate to USPS for delivery status)
- Delinquent Parcel Publication List
- Auto Assign Publication Fees
Tax Sale - Tax Judgment Report
- Export/Import for third-party/automated tax sales
- Enter Purchases/Payments & Print Forms/Certificates
- Status & Discrepancy Reports
- Certificate Inquiry
Reports - State Abstracts & reports
- Tax District Settlements
- Breakdown of Fees by Office
- Statutory Collector Books
- Certificate of Error Detail Listing
- Parcel Search by Notes List
- Top Tax or Valuations
- Forfeited Taxes
- Parcels in Bankruptcy
- Districts by Township
- Tax Buyers Catalog
Special Functions - Splits and Combines Discrepancy Inquiry
- Name and Address Cleanup Tool
- Special Assessments Processing
- Processing of various fees (automated and manual)
- Court-Ordered and other write-offs
- Handling of bankruptices
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